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It is time for Oakland to shine as the center of economic activity in the East Bay and the Bay Area.  The Jobs and Housing Coalition plays an active role in supporting and shaping a business friendly climate in Oakland.  Our mission is to attract large and midsize companies, encouraging them to make Oakland their home.  It is our mission to create a business friendly environment, so that companies can thrive in Oakland and the region.


The Jobs and Housing Coalition is a major influencer and player in creating a prosperous business environment in Oakland.  Our goal is to increase our membership, representing all major employers and builders working in Oakland, and expanding our voice.


We are proactive in promoting positive measures to create more workforce and middle-income housing, so that employers can tap into local workforce expertise.  We work with city officials and staff to create streamline approval processes that allow companies to set up shop in Oakland, and for builders to build a commercial and residential projects.  We advocate for infrastructure upgrades to make the economy work, and partner with other Bay Area organizations to make Oakland and the East Bay prosper.


Join us and find out the inside story to working and building Oakland’s future.


Ed Del Beccaro


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