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The Jobs and Housing Coalition (JHC) is a respected and influential business advocacy group that promotes Oakland's major businesses. We work to enhance economic development, and create a better quality of life for those who live and work in Oakland.

Established in 2006, JHC joins like-minded, senior business executives from Oakland's premier companies who collaborate to make Oakland attractive, competitive, and a premier city in the Bay Area.

What We Do  


JHC does advocacy. This encompasses the following ongoing activities:


  • Identify opportunities and challenges in Oakland and the region

  • Conduct respected polling, research, and analysis that inform policymaking

  • Drive strategic policy solutions on growth opportunities and critical issues

How We Do It


We achieve our goals and honor our commitments by:


  • Respected practices in lobbying, public relations, and issue research

  • Mobilizing the community to action via coalition building

  • Seeding/promoting/sharing/driving awareness of JHC positions via media relations and direct marketing

Membership Benefits

  • Direct access to elected officials and executives in Oakland and throughout the region

  • Connections with key business and civic leaders in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area

  • Access to proprietary research that helps shape policy impacting business initiatives

  • Member resource sharing on new and innovative business practices

  • Participation in group policy advocacy to promote and protect member companies



Join our group of distinguished business leaders to galvanize and harness Oakland's strengths and elevate our city to its full potential.

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